Three Things My Friends Know About Me

If you read these blogs, you know a little about the things I think about, but you probably don’t know a whole lot about ME.  So here’s a post that breaks with my usual content to give you some insider insights.  If you were to ask my friends about some of the quirky things I do, here are three that are likely to come up.

NUMBER 1. I sometimes wear this hat.  I LIKE this hat.  It’s warm and, um, stylish?  I have friends who pretend they don’t know me whenever I wear it.  This does not stop me from wearing it.

Janet with a stringed winter hat

I like this hat even better when the wind is blowing!

NUMBER 2. THIS is one of my all time favorite photo poses.  (I use it… a lot.)

Janet with arms open

Janet with arms open wide

I can’t help it.

Janet with arms open wide

Life is exciting!

Janet with arms open wide

And I’m excited too!

NUMBER 3. Whenever I am someplace new and see water – a waterfall, creek, river, ocean, lake, bog, etc. – I MUST touch it.

Hand in waterfall

I have no idea where this impulse comes from, but I if this is not a practice you share, I highly recommend you start.  Just be careful so you don’t fall in.

touching lake water

Ah, clear cool water.

touchign ocean water

Waves are tricky when you’re trying not to get your feet wet!

touching water in a harbor

If I remember correctly, it was about 7 degrees Farenheit out this day. I just HAD to see how cold the water was. (Very.)

So there you have it.  Three fun facts about me.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Forsake thou not thy friend, and the friend of thy father… (Proverbs 27:10).

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