Making Do

I come from a long line of thrifty innovators. The kind that take great pride in sayings like: Use it up,wear it out,make it door do without! So it surprised no one when the need arose for me to put my thrifty innovation to good use. I had recently been coerced by a friend to…

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Another of my posts recently made it onto another Christian devotional website.  You can start reading and link to this post below! The best running advice I ever received was given to me before I became a runner. For years, I secretly dreamed of being a runner. I wanted to be one of those people…

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Inspire a Fire

Exciting news! I was recently invited to become a monthly contributor to a popular Christian devotion website, Inspire a Fire. My first post was launched yesterday. Check it out at (And consider leaving a comment there to let the organizers know they did a good thing inviting me!) I am so thankful for this…

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There Are No Losers Here

I have a tragic flaw. Okay, so I have more than one, but this is the one I’m going to tell you about today. I love sports, but sports do not love me. (Sigh.) I’ve tried softball, but I tend to duck and cover when the ball comes my way. I’ve tried flag football, but…

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Here’s something runners know that I have recently come to know too:  Consistency matters. When it comes to running, consistency has never been my forte.  Before my trainer-friend got ahold of me, I’d run when I felt like it.  My progress was spotty because my running was spotty.  It took me more than a year…

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How I Love Thee, Indoor Treadmill

Top Ten Reasons why running on a treadmill is better than my trainer-friend says: 10) It’s warm.  Actually it’s a little too warm, which can be problematic, but… 9)   I can roll out of bed and onto the treadmill without having to put on 18 layers of moisture-wicking thermal insulation.  This saves both time…

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The Day I Discovered the Treadmill

The day I discovered the treadmill was cold and snowy and – did I mention cold? The story begins something like this: On any given day, I would much rather lament my running incapacity than to do something productive to remedy it.  Every once in a while I do something advisable (recall Exhibit A).  But…

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